About The Paleo Attorney, Kristen Roberts

KR_14Hello, and welcome! My journey to becoming “The Paleo Attorney” began nearly five years ago, when I was introduced to the Paleo lifestyle by my sister. For years, I had severe stomach issues including IBD and a history of stomach ulcers. These were frequently exacerbated by poor health choices such as smoking and going to law school.

After reclaiming my health through CrossFit and clean eating, I stepped away from the law firm life to focus my efforts on starting my own law practice. I knew I wanted to keep my newfound health a priority, even during the stress of entrepreneurship. I became singularly focused on helping those who helped me so much – the folks in the Paleo, whole/real food, sustainability, and primal industries.

After handling a few matters for some extremely well-known bloggers, I realized there was something special here. The business owners in these industries were frequently running into unique business, employment, and intellectual property problems – all areas in which I have pretty extensive experience as an attorney. It wasn’t long before I was handling matters for some of the top names in these industries.

Today, I handle a wide range of intellectual property, employment, and business matters for clients all across the country. My understanding of the Paleo world and intense belief in every one of my clients, coupled with my legal acumen have given me a distinct advantage when it comes to representing my clients.

I truly love getting to celebrate every victory, product launch, book launch, and successes my clients’ experience, and I could not be more proud of the contribution each one of them makes to the betterment of everyone’s overall health. I feel lucky to be a part of each one of their teams.

I look forward to continuing to represent clients I feel proud supporting, all while keeping focused on living a healthy, happy, fun-filled life.

The Paleo Attorney’s Technical Background

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