Critical employment documents

For those of you with California-based businesses, the federal and state-mandated labor and employment requirements can be confusing, burdensome, and voluminous. Often times, business owners are not well-versed in these requirements, which results in missing documentation that can prove disastrous down the road. Thankfully, the Paleo Attorney helps employers develop a bank of custom documents unique to your California business’ needs, that ensure your investment is protected and remains in compliance with both state and federal laws.

Harassment and discrimination training, policies, and investigations

The Paleo Attorney will help you develop a method for handling employee complaints and concerns that are unique to your business, and will also help you implement that plan, and issue a written recommendation to keep you legally compliant with California and federal law.

Employment document and handbook review and revision

Kristen, The Paleo Attorney, believes the best offense is a good defense. Therefore, we not only provide your paleo business with principal employment documents from scratch, but we also review and revise those documents you may have already created and are currently using in your business.

Employment termination services

Kristen can provide guidance to paleo businesses that are looking to terminate an employee to ensure the process is legal, fair, and resolved quickly.